Reading aloud allowed.

Learning to read isn’t always easy and can be especially challenging for the youngest children. Studies have shown, however, that reading aloud is an effective method for learning to read better. That’s why Ketnet, the television channel for Flemish kids, wanted to find out how to encourage budding readers to read aloud.

The Ketnet Dub app has interactive animated films in which the users can record themselves reading the lines that represent their favourite Ketnet wrapper's voice. Afterwards, they can replay the recordings and listen to their own voice. For more experienced readers, we fitted tougher storylines.

Download the app here - Apple App Store / Android Market - and give it to the youngest ones nearby to watch their reading skills go up!


Ketnet Dub maakt luidop lezen leuker! Download nu de gratis app

Dit lijkt me echt iets leuk om eens uit te proberen met jullie kinderen, beste tl.

"Ketnet dub", een nieuwe app van @Ketnet die kinderen leert luidop te lezen: #vrtnieuws