What we love doing.

FamousGrey is a full service agency. One that adapts. That’s why our services evolve all the time.

15 years ago, when the agency was founded, people thought UX was a disease. Now we have a guy fulltime working on the User eXperience of our campaigns. Within our group of 75 enthousiasts, we have specialists for every discipline the advertiser of today needs and for every discipline we believe an ad agency should offer.


It’s hard to think of communication, and not think of digital. That is why almost 1 in 5 people at FamousGrey is 100% occupied with digital projects. Analyzing, developing, designing, managing, monitoring… to create websites, social media plans, banneringcampaigns, CRM-platforms, Google Ads, ...

One to one

On paper or digital. As a campaign, or on the long run. We write letters, send out e-mails, build communities, and even stuff an entire table in an envelope if we have to, to reach the targetgroup for a 1-to-1 communication.


Repetition is key in advertising. Until the point that you start annoying people. CRM is not only a case of data and technology. It’s also very much an exercise in finding a relevant story and creating trust between brand and consumer.


A look and feel of a product can do as much as an advertising campaign. Our design- and studioteam know how.


Play. Jump. Swipe. Race. Win. Dance. Run. Collect. We’re pretty good at putting all the elements that make a great game together. Now it’s up to you to get pretty good at mastering them. So stop reading and start playing with those brands...


We, as much as you, get annoyed by bad radio campaigns. For one, traffic is hard enough, your radio should be your companion and not something you want to turn off.


Stopping power. That makes a good print ad. A strong image, a strong headline and a clear call-to-action. The three ingrediënts our creative teams hunt for in their creative process.


With 12% of belgian internettraffic coming from mobile, it’s obvious that our campaigns should also run on those screens. Mobile display advertising, mobile search and mobile social ads for sure, but brands can do a lot more on phones and tablets.


Communication is important throughout the whole salescycle. From convicing you when you’re in your couch, to closing the sale when you’re in the shop. Every step has its added value, every step is important. That’s why POS gets our full attention.


30 seconds. To get people’s attention, move them emotionally, tell our story, show our product, sell our brand. That’s what TV does. And that’s we’ve been doing for 15 years now.


PR has an important role within the agency. First of all, because it’s an essential part of organisations daily communication. But also, because PR can be the leverage and accelerator of a campaign and thus often has strong fundaments in our campaigns.

Social Media

It used to be about starting conversations. Now it’s about starting conversations, getting more people in the conversation, ending the conversation, measuring the conversation, making the conversation worth you while.


A website reflects the soul of a company. How it’s structured, how you can interact with it, what the homepage looks like,… says alot about the organisation behind it. And that too is communication. That too is positioning. That too is our business.


Every campaign profits from creativity. Also business-to-business campaigns. So that is why we approach those campaigns with the same attitude as our other work. How can we trigger the targetgroup to make our message stand out?

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