Digital Project Manager

Always wanted to become famous? This could be your big chance since FamousGrey is looking for a digital project manager to join … the digital department (yup, that does sound logical)!

You’ll be part of the team in charge of producing our digital campaigns, websites, apps,… Since you already have a few years experience you know what this means but because we love lists, here’s a few things you’ll be doing:

  • write briefings for the team
  • help find the best solutions for the project
  • plan the project and making sure everyone involved works together
  • provide feedback to the client and to the team internally
  • follow up on the project after going live

Since FamousGrey produces most of the stuff internally, you’ll be mainly working with famous colleagues: designers, developers, creative teams, other project managers, AV-producers, analytics-guys,… Consider this a big advantage since they’re all nice, polite and like a party (or two, three, four). Being bilingual helps in this dynamic environment. 

There’s no need for you to be able to programme, but you should understand how development works. 

Don’t be shy. Nobody ever got famous by doing that. Drop us a mail.

Feel like it? 

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